10+ people that know rules are made to be broken

These fifty photos will show you fifty rebels. People that won't give a damn about your rules and will do whatever they want. Rules are made to be broken, and these heroes did it hilariously. Let them be an inspiration for you, and a proof that no one can tell you what to do (unless what you wanna do is kinda criminal).

So get your paint, your brushes and a piece of old cloth and let's paint a flag and start a riot to honour these fifty heroes that will make you really happy.





College is the time to be rebel. It is the time to think, to study and to form your own mind, challenge the system and fight for your rights. And also to do hilarious pranks like this one.





Watch out, world. We are looking at the next Einstein. Actually, no. Because it is know that Einstein sucked at maths. This is beyond him. This is superhero stuff, maybe X Men material. Where is Doctor Xavier when needed?



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