50 amazing tweets from a father and his kids

Being a father is a tough business. Being a father of four is almost an impossible business. But if you turn your life into a series of funny anecdotes, you'll survive. That's what James Breakwell did. He tweets about his children and their funny comebacks and wittiness for us to laugh about them. And that's awesome. If you are a father, you'll feel represented. If you are not, you'll laugh at those who are. But no matter what, you can't deny that James' tweets (and his children) are funny as hell. Here are fifty times James Breakwell shared with us how is it like to be a father of four.

I Don't Fit


Well, James, welcome to the club. I don't even fit in yesterday's shirt. But that's ok, at least I'm not a father of four children under six years old. That must be tougher.

She Married You


Children are evil. They say the most horrible things to your face and don't even regret it, because they actually believe in those things.

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