Pareidolia Is An Actual Thing And Here Are 50 Photos That Prove It

Do you know what Pareidolia is? If you've ever laid on your back and tried to find shapes on the clouds, you might be familiar with the idea but not know its name.That's right: Pareidolia is the scientific name of the phenomenon that makes you see shapes and faces where, technically, they are not. This illusion is widespread, and almost everyone shares the impression of seeing a face composed of two or three elements of a more prominent structure — according to the Merriam-Webster's dictionary, a random, ambiguous visual pattern. Even Rorschach based his theory on this concept to develop his inkblot test.We gathered a varied selection of things with a face, and we are presenting them here for a good laugh. Don't worry about laughing too hard at them: though they "have" a face, it's impossible to hurt their feelings!

Amazed Lights


These lights seem to be permanently shocked. They might have been amazed by the traffic being smooth once and stayed that way forever. The red nose and eyes add up to the dramatic effect.

Chin Up


Did you ever notice? There might be another face in your face if you only draw it on your chin. This one looks terrified! And who wouldn't be? Its lower teeth are bigger than the upper ones.

Mop Lady


This mop has long, beautiful hair, but it looks quite angry instead of happy. Even the hair color is right on point, up to the latest trends! But some people are never satisfied.

Lol, Dude!


Something hilarious has been said in this kitchen. So funny, that it even made the microwave laugh with an open mouth — and rotate, too! We wonder what it was.

Your Next Meme


This poor sink can't believe its eyes — or should we say "its taps"? God knows what it has just seen. It was impressive enough to print this expression on our friend permanently.

OMG! Don't!


We're about to witness real tragedy here. Let's hope that the hammer has some mercy on its poor fellow — look at that face! Is it terrified or what?

Suspicious House


This house clearly knows something we don't know. She is suspicious of everything and everyone. Perhaps she saw the architect and the contractor measuring its walls. So funny.

A Famous Box


Some people think this box looks a lot like a real billionaire who recently became the president of a certain country. You may know who they mean. So funny

Sargent Horrified Pepper


This poor slices of pepper look horrified, and who can blame them? Wouldn't you have the same expression after being cut in halves and discover that you're still alive, and you even got to keep your teeth?

Hey There!


"Come to see the horizon! It's a great, sunny day and you can see the whole town from here! Back on my planet, such a thing was not possible! Come on! You'll enjoy it."

Hello, Gorgeous


"You know, it's not every day that I see a cutie like you walking in this room. Do you come here often? I was recently taken off the computer where I live."

Wanna Fight?


"Do you think you can take my coats away from me and not get punched in the face? Well, you're probably right. Sadly to me, I'm attached to the wall."

A High Seat


Is that seat a little too high to you? Well, probably. It doesn't look sober, for sure, but let's give it some coffee and a few hours, and it may be as good as new again.

Hi, There


"I'm a man shadow. I've been trapped in this floor forever, but I only come out at certain times of the day, and only on sunny days. Don't be scared. And please help me out."

Have A Nice Day!


This sample has got to belong to a positive person — so confident, that they carry it in their blood. If you look closely, you might see the rest of its body as well.

It's Revenge Time


So you bought, washed, peel and cut an onion hoping for it to become part of a salad but you never considered Mr. Angry Onion Center might be living in it. Now it's too late.

Mr. Robot


"Hello, I'm a highly-functional doorbell and letterbox. I come from the future, and I was made with the latest doorbell and letterbox technology. See my eyebrows for more information."

That Was A Good One!


Put these chairs in a comedy club, and your stand-up comedians will never bomb again. At least, that's something! Their morale won't be so low if no one else laughs at their jokes.

Genuinely Shocked


There are many memes to use when you are genuinely shocked by the news, but this one may become your new favorite. Just look at that poor box. That had got to be terrible.

Listen To Me, Joe


"And listen carefully. We don't have much time. As soon as it gets dark, we're leaving this place in these suits I'm giving you. Now be discreet and act cool."

Two Wrongs Make A Right


Two Wrongs Make A Right. Two Wrongs Make A Right! Two Wrongs Make A Right?

Here's Looking At You, Kid


"We're an army of boxes and we're here to control the people in this room, so don't try anything weird. We might not have arms or legs, but we have many eyes and a mouth that can shout." So funny

The Nihilist Oven


"What day is today? Is it Monday? Saturday? It's the same for me. Life is pointless anyway, and people only come to me when they need me. Plus, I only have one burner."

Oh, Wow


Don't look so surprised, Little Person Inside The Outlet. We felt the same way when we first saw you. We mean, we were just expecting a normal outlet, not one with extremities.

Please, Take A Sit


Any seat. It doesn't make much difference which one you're going to choose: all of them are planning something together. We don't know what, but for the look in their faces, it might be creepy.



Be extra careful about not slipping or falling in front of this mocking hanger. It likes to laugh at people, but it's harmless — with those enormous ears attached to the walls, it can't go far away.

The Amused Ones


These two little guys are permanently amused. We are not saying they are permanently drunk but look at those eyes. There's just one thing to interpret about their whole look.

Bobby, Is That You?


We thought Bobby was lost, but maybe, just maybe, he got to a different dimension and is now living inside a wooden door. We'll try to communicate with him using some Christmas lights.

Enter Sandman


These are not holes in the sand. They are very old and wise eyes of probably one of the smartest creatures around. This Sandman has seen it all, and he looks pretty amused.



So, what was the first? This tap or this Ice Age character? They look surprisingly alike! Just tie a nut to the sink, and you're all set. Now you need the rest of the cast.

The Evil Twins


We are a little scared of these two's plans. There's a devilish look in their eyes, and the way they are laughing resembles every evil character in films. You might as well put them in a box.

What? 6 AM Already?


As the night passes by too fast to us, it also does to clocks. Look at this one if you don't believe us. It finds it hard to believe it's already time to ring.

Anonymous Leaf


We are not the only ones with fighters for freedom among us. Trees have their own Anonymous leaves. It's harder for them because they can only act in autumn, though.

Have A Nice Trip!


Business or pleasure? Whatever the reason for your journey is, it's always better to travel in a happy plane rather than in an unhappy one, isn't it? Good vibes up to the sky!

Feeling Comfy


This bag looks like it's just got home, put its pajamas and a nice pair of slippers on and is about to play its favorite series' new episodes while having some snacks.

Honey, You Won't Believe What Just Happened


I was walking down the street, minding my own business as usual when suddenly a robot came out of nowhere and tried to mug me. It had a gun. I swear I'm not crazy.

Mr. Cloud


This big head probably belongs to a man in charge of scaring the hell out of unaware pilots Or maybe there's an Easter Island up in the sky too, and this is just one of many.

You Said You Liked Flowers


You didn't specify what kind, so I thought it would be nice to bring you these that look like the face of albino monkeys smiling. Aren't they the cutest?

Drunk Octopus


"I don't care who you are or what you did. I'm an octopus, I had one too many drinks tonight and I feel like fighting before going to sleep for an entire day."

The Boss


This candy bar proves that you can be just a piece of chocolate and still look like a boss. We are afraid it sent this woman to prepare some reports and email them before 5 pm.

What Was That?


We are not sure what terrifying thing this stroller just saw, but considering its expression, it probably involves baby poop. A lot of baby poop. Who knows?

Oh, my...


"That's an interesting story. Please, tell me more. I know I have a peephole in my stomach, but unfortunately, I can't see through it, so I need someone else to tell me what's going on there. Oh, the irony."

Relax, Take It Easy


This car set has the perfect attitude for a road trip or a weekend away. "Sit down, buckle up and play the radio: the journey has just started! Now sing along with me."

The Fashion Victim


This seat looks like it put too much botox on its lips and now it can barely close its mouth. According to the look in its eyes, it already regrets it.



...if you dare. Honestly, if it were our armchair, we'd consider getting rid of it. It doesn't look like our idea of a nice place to sit and relax.

Just An Innocent USB


This USB extension cable end looks like it's just arrived in this world and doesn't understand anything of what's going on around it. We'll tell you what, dear friend: you're going into a device.

The Happy Heater


We are sure this heater must have heard a lot about the importance of having a warm personality and a positive attitude towards life, so here it is! Great job!

Skull Bucket


So, if you are thinking about getting a skull tattoo, but you want it to be really, really original, you can try using this bucket as a model. Nobody else has a similar one, 100% guaranteed.

The Razor Of Existence


If Edvard Munch, the Norwegian expressionist painter who created The Scream, was a razor packs designer, he'd probably do something like this. The emotion is real, my friends. And it delivers.

Not Feeling Well


Imagine being a hands dryer, having an accident, losing your eye and needing to continue working anyway because, well, people's hands need to be dried up. How would that feel?

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