Pareidolia Is An Actual Thing And Here Are 50 Photos That Prove It

Do you know what Pareidolia is? If you've ever laid on your back and tried to find shapes on the clouds, you might be familiar with the idea but not know its name.That's right: Pareidolia is the scientific name of the phenomenon that makes you see shapes and faces where, technically, they are not. This illusion is widespread, and almost everyone shares the impression of seeing a face composed of two or three elements of a more prominent structure — according to the Merriam-Webster's dictionary, a random, ambiguous visual pattern. Even Rorschach based his theory on this concept to develop his inkblot test.We gathered a varied selection of things with a face, and we are presenting them here for a good laugh. Don't worry about laughing too hard at them: though they "have" a face, it's impossible to hurt their feelings!

Mop Lady


This mop has long, beautiful hair, but it looks quite angry instead of happy. Even the hair color is right on point, up to the latest trends! But some people are never satisfied.

Lol, Dude!


Something hilarious has been said in this kitchen. So funny, that it even made the microwave laugh with an open mouth — and rotate, too! We wonder what it was.

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