50 Incredible Fails That Actually Happened... Believe It Or Not

"To fail or not to fail..." That's not the question here, and never has been. We all fail from time to time. We're all humans. We make mistakes, and hopefully we own up to them and try to fix things, make things better. If we're lucky, things are soon forgotten. No one is beyond doing something bad out of ignorance, we can all agree on that.

But what happens when those fails are so funny they're actually incredible? What happens when someone's there to take the right picture and the right moment? And what if said pictures end up going viral? What if your fails make people laugh so much they want to share it with their friends? Well, that's what happened to these people. Some things are more permanent than others, like a bad tattoo (but well, even that can be fixed). Other things can be blamed on no one, but they're just too amazing to pass on and we decided to include them anyway.

Yes, what you're about to read actually happened, each and every case. Believe it or not.

It's Been A Bad Day, Please Don't Take A Picture


This is not exactly a fail. This poor woman had no idea she was going to need her car so badly that day. She also didn't know the car was going to be full of bees next time she had to drive somewhere. But come on! These two things happening at the same time? Her friend is right: she must have really upset some sort of Nature God or something.

Actually, We're Breaking Up


Oh, boy! We couldn't think of a worse outcome for this situation! Out of everything that could have happened, to have everyone around you believe you and your significant other are sharing the most wonderful moment of your relationship when the truth is you've just told them you want to break up? Good luck recovering from this fail! And next time maybe do the whole break up thing somewhere more private.

You're Probably Wondering How I Ended Up Here...


No, this picture was not taken while they were shooting the newest Law and Order SVU episode. Truth be told, this has nothing to do with a crime. That thing you're seeing there? That's not a human body. No one was murdered here. Someone forgot to take down their Halloween decorations, people got worried and they called the cops. They found nothing, of course, and no arrests were made. Being lazy is not a crime!

Someone Stop That Dog!


Next time you think you're having a bad day, next time you complain life is unfair to you, remember this dog. This dog is stealing someone else's bathing suit. He's getting away with murder and no one is doing anything about it. Someone's going to be very upset when they find out those shorts are gone for good!

Worst Luck Ever


What's worse than getting a flat tire? Exactly! The help you called getting a flat tire as well! And just when you thought the very worst part of your day was over! Who is going to come in to save not one but two very unfortunate drivers?

Too Much Information


No, we did not need to know that. Next time you go to the bathroom and you're wearing a microphone for God knows what reasons, make sure you turn it off before you do what you went in there to do. Please, please, please, it only takes a second! We're sure no one wanted to hear that. It will save you from great embarrassment.

Mary Poppins Is That You?


Rainy days are bad enough in themselves, but to have this happen to you when you were on your way to work? We get it, people's excited about Mary Poppins going back to the big screen and all that jazz, but she's the only one that can successfully pull off this whole umbrella thing. Don't try it at home, kids!

Instant Tattoo


Pens are great when you want to tie your hair up in a bun but you can't find a hairband. The thing is, you must remember to take them off before going home for the day. Otherwise, this is what happens. The good thing is it will all come off after a long shower.

Every Way You Look At It You Lose


This isn't exactly a fail, but it is a horrible situation to find yourself in. What would you do if this happened to you? Every way you look at it, you're most definitely in trouble! We don't know if we would have been able to remain as calm, let alone take a picture of that giant spider!

Where Did That Wig Go?


It's horrible that this happened, and it's even more horrible that there were people there taking pictures! With or without wig, that woman looks like she's having the time of her life, and that's what counts! We're sure she laughed it off and kept on enjoying her day.

Angry Birds


Next time you play golf, remember what happened to this teen and beware of the angry goose! And then people have enough nerve to say golf is one of the boring sports because nothing exciting ever happens!

We Didn't Start The Fire


Are you still waiting on that package that should have been delivered like a week or so ago? Well, let's hope it was not on that truck that caught on fire! It is not a fail, of course, and no one is to blame for what certainly looks like an accident. But man, what a bad way to start the new year!

So What Do You Think Happened Here?


So we have two theories: someone spilled coffee grounds on the floor and then stepped on it barefoot while they were trying to clean up that mess, or someone spilled coffee grounds on the floor and then a second person walked in to see what was going on and stepped on it, barefoot. Oh, here's a third theory: someone spilled coffee all over a person that was barefoot at the time of the incident! It doesn't matter how you look at it: it wasn't a good day at that house, we tell you that.

I Said Pay Attention To Me!!!


If you are a cat owner, then you know how these lovely animals can get when they don't feel like you're paying them enough attention. Well, just look at what happened to this person's computer simply because they put work before their pet!

Great Idea... No


This is what we call an epic fail! Was no one around to tell them it was never going to work and that they would end up damaging both their car and their house?

This Is Bad


Have you ever wondered what happens when you take the ice tray out of a freezer with an automatic ice maker? If these people ever had this question, then they found out the hard way. What are they going to do with all that ice now?

That Apple Cutter Is A Killer


Well, let's hope they had something else to eat or a take-out menu laying around... Because one thing is sure: no one wanted to eat that apple after the incident with the cutter. It looks more like a deadly weapon than a healthy snack!

Someone Went Nuts Over Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal


Someone got too excited about blueberry banana oatmeal, or so it seems. This is what happens when you think with your stomach and not your head!

Don't Take It Out On The Poor Workers!


We don't know what to say about this, it's so wrong whichever way you look at it. The big fail here is how this person thought they could be agressive without cause simply because there was 'an automated reply thing' they were 'talking' to. Nope, it was a person you were rude to! Think about what you write on the internet next time before you hit 'send'!

Red, Red Everywhere!


Insert Game of Thrones Red Wedding joke here. This poor guy opened a can of spray the wrong way and ended up looking... like that. Don't worry man, it will all come off after a shower or two... or so we hope. We're sure you'll be alright! And if not, we want you to know you can totally pull off this look.

Wild Guess


We can't be sure what really happened here, but we're going to take a wild guess anyway: we think it involved a pink candle and a PC, and maybe someone thought it was OK to use their PC as a candle holder. Well, they learned the hard way that that's a very, very bad idea.

We Won't Be Brushing Our Teeth Today, Thank You


This isn't exactly a fail, and we guess it's no one's fault. There is only one thing we're sure of, though: that person did not brush their teeth that morning, at least not before going to the store to get a new toothbrush first. That's what we would have done, anyway, but to each their own.

That's Not Cool!


That's not the cool thing to do! You hit a car, you write down your contact information for the other driver to have! Come on, guys! It's Common Decency 101! Oh wait, wait, wait! It says 'heart'? We read 'car', our bad. Anyway, breaking a heart? That's not the cool thing to do, either.



We swear, it's like these machines know when you're in trouble or in a hurry or about to have a heart attack! It's like they just know it! They canse sense it, they can smell the fear coming from you! The person that took this photo had only 10 minutes before they had to go and present their thesis, and Windows decided to do that just then. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Angry Birds, Part II


Man, birds must hate us to do stuff like that to us humans! Imagine getting off work and finding your car looking like that! And those little criminals just decided to stay there, looking down on you, enjoying the show! It's as if they knew they can get away with murder!

Sorry, Wrong Message


If you're going to be sending a text like that... please check first! Make sure you're sending it to the right person! It takes only a second and can save you a lot of trouble! Don't be like Kyle: check everything twice before you hit the 'send' button.

Buy 3, Get 0 Free


Something about this is wrong, and we're sure someone's going to be fired the minute their boss finds out this happened. What do you mean I get 0 free if I buy 3 products? Shouldn't you be giving me something so I am more tempted to make a purchase?

Aaaawn, Aren't They Sweet?


No, they are not. Yes, maybe they had us all fooled for a long time, but as it turns out, giraffes are not the friendly and adorable animals that we thought them to be. Look at this picture if you need any proof! We're so, so disappointed! We trusted them for years and this is how they repay us?

Next Time, He'll Think About It Twice


But let's look at the bright side! At least a lot of people joined in to watch him! And that's what influencers are after, right? It's all about the number of viewers! Maybe this teacher was doing him a favor after all.

Boneless Bananas


Another supermarket fail! Don't we love those? So it seems there are two kinds of bananas: those with bones, and those without! This supermarket sells boneless bananas, and we're sure that if you ask around you'll find out that most supermarkets only sell bananas without bones.

You Sure About That?


There's nothing to be proud about in that picture. Poor driver! We hope the rest of the year goes better for them! We're sure there are lots of other things they can be proud about!

Be Careful Who You Google


Maybe this was more than what this student wanted to learn about their lab partner. Maybe they should have sent a text to ask if everything was alright and if they were planning to show up that day... But well, this also means they have something very interesting to talk about next time they have to work on a project together!

Beep... Beep... Beep...


This looks like something that could have happened to Jack Bauer... Someone bought something from Target, and they sent the package with a security alarm on, and the alarm started beeping and blinking and wouldn't stop no matter what they did... Yes, we would have been terrified as well.

Plumbering Emergency!


No one wants to start the year with a plumbering emergency. These poor people, we have no idea what went on in there, but we're sure they're not happy about it, and neither will be their plumber. Well, no, now that we think about it, maybe the plumber will be happy. Who knows how much they're going to charge to fix that!

We Weren't Planning To Anyway


Is this sign for real? Did they put this up as some sort of joke? We'll assume it's just a fail. We appreciate them caring enough to want to give some advice, anyway. And don't worry folks, we won't be breathing under the water.

Plan Ahead


Someone did not plan ahead here. They should follow their own advice! Let's hope they take that off soon and replace it with something better, something they did plan ahead for a change!

Congrats You Done It!


Well, it's the thought that counts, right? We're sure they didn't say anything bad about the cake, and hopefully it tasted really good so everyone enjoyed it! But next time, maybe check this stuff before you bring it to your table! Anyway, congrats on whatever it was you done!

My Dog


We don't want to alarm anyone, but we're pretty sure that's a cat. Yep, last time we checked that was what cats looked like. Someone got things mixed at work, it seems. It's a super cute cat, anyway!



Nope, those are not strawberries. Yes, we're pretty sure. What is it with supermarkets and epic fails, anyway? It seems like you can't go grocery shopping without running into these amazing examples of people getting it all wrong!

Hot Dog


OK, we're not saying it's not possible. It would look weird, and there would be just too much bread, but it could work we guess. To each their own and all that jazz, right? Maybe next time we want hot dogs we'll try that. It can't be too bad, now can it?

It's A Kind Of Magic


Before getting a tattoo, please ask for references and check out the artist's porfolio. Otherwise, you could end up with something like this on your arm. And just like the magic of this legendary rock band's music, these tattoos are forever. What an epic fail!

No Regert


Speaking of no regrets, we'd love to know what this person thinks of their flaming new tattoo. Let's hope they don't have regrets about this one. And if they do, well, you can always cover it up and pretend it never existed.

That Looks Bad


It doesn't look like the girl on the ad is having the best time of her life with those glasses. Maybe next time they should make sure it all looks good to go before claiming they're the right choice to make when the doctor suggests you wear glasses.

That One Window...


What were they doing on the day they designed the windows? How could they have missed something as big as this? Man, we tell you one thing: a lot of people must really hate this building. Epic fail.

How Did This Happen?


Yeah, we have no idea how this happened either, and at this point we're just too afraid to ask. Let's just say that some times people fail big time and there's no way to right their wrongs. It seems to happen a lot when it comes to designing buildings.

This Is Bad


Water and electricity! What could possible go wrong? Well, let us tell you: a lot of things can go wrong. We don't know how they ended up fixing this big fail, but whoever stepped up and took charge is one brave person.

At Least There Are Enough Paper Towels


Let's just look at the bright side for once, shall we? No one will be able to complain there are not enough papel towels in this bathroom, that's for sure! It's got to count for something, right? It still is an epic fail.

No Smoking Alcohol


No need to worry, we were not planning on smoking any alcohol anyway. Thanks for the heads up, though, we really appreciate it. Also, amazing, epic fail you guys have going on.

Priority Seat


We're not sure what they wanted to do here. Does this mean people with Wi-Fi get priority seats? That's unfair! They already have Wi-Fi, why should they get priority seats? They should be sharing their Wi-Fi with us! What do you mean that's supposed to be a pregnant woman? That clearly is a person with Wi-Fi!

Lost In Translation


We have a feeling something got lost in translation here. Why should we beware of safety? Are they trying to tell us that somehow being safe is wrong and that we should try to be in danger because that's better? Next time, hire someone that can do a proper job translating those signs!