50 Mom Memes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard It Will Wake Up Your Kids

You know, being a parent is not an easy thing. It is not only a matter of surviving your pregnancy, that is the easy part. Trust me. The worst part is when your child arrives, and you know nothing about raising a kid. They cry at night, they are dirty, your body and time is no longer yours, you want to cry everyday. Eventually it gets easier, but not at first. Oh no. And then, they start school. But the most important part, is to remember that you are still a human being and you deserve a break eventually. So, this is why we made a list of a few memes about the funniest part of being a mom, so you can have a good laughter. And maybe share it with your friends! We hope you like it, and remember, nobody is keeping score about wether you are a good or a bad parent. You are doing your best.

Have A Nice Day 


You know it is going to be a terrible day when your kids wake up really early in the morning. Specially if there is more than one, because one of them is gonna cry and wake up the other one.



There is nothing more terrible than the christian guilt. My mother once told me that god was watching everything I did and that terrified me for years. This is something every christian child can relate to

Living The Life 


You know, I do not like this. Fathers are supposed to take care of their children, too. But they always use excuses like "nah, they are better with their mother, they do not like me, I do not understand what they want"



Don't you hate when you see one of those great moms, and they can achieve everything, from being a great parent, keeping the perfect body, not killing their husbands AND cooking perfect? Give me a break

Grocery List 


Postpartum is annoying. We all know it is n0t like they show in the movies, where everything is perfect and your baby only cries a little at night. So, the picture shows exactly how you look during postpartum period



Is anybody here with an angelical voice? Because I remember my mother singing lullabies to me when I was a kid, and she sang good. Now I sound like an angry dog.



When your kids are little, it is tough to find time for yourself. I mean, going to the bathroom is an impossible task sometimes. Don't even let me get started when it comes to take a shower.



This is all about having a few kids, so once they grow up, they can help you with chores. I'm kidding. This is what you can expect, but it is not gonna happen, sorry



Oh no, this is a terrible thing, specially if the kids ate it, because you can't be mad at them. I mean, they are kids. But you have been working all day and now you want to cry.



I can't want until I have kids, so I can use this reason. I mean, parents are always annoyed because you are on the phone, right? And they will use every excuse to make you feel guilty about that.

Jurassic Park 


I relate to this, I've seen my friends with kids. When they are trying to raise more than one, it gets annoying you know. It is not an easy thing to do. And it feels like being in Jurassic Park

Yes Mom? 


This is another annoying thing I want to do when I have children. Don't you hate it when they keep calling you, but you reply to them and they go silent? Is that some sort of revenge



​Yeah, that is what I am talking about. Parenting is supposed to be a shared responsibility. And thank god he is only reading something, sometimes they fall asleep or playing video games



I used to do this when I was a kid, the only thing was that I did it with bread. I ate the part from the inside, and left the rest over there. Yeah, I was an angel, right?

When Your Kid Keeps Yelling Your Name 


I do not understand why on Earth they do this. It is so annoying, my niece used to do it and I wanted to die. Well no, not die, but something like that. Just tell me what do you want already

Clean Your Mess 


Oh, busted. I remember feeling horrified when my mother was coming to yell at me because I did something wrong but I couldn't remember what it was. Sometimes we have other things to do, give us a break

Wake Up 


This is being gentle. My mother used to come like 40 minutes earlier and told me I was going late to school. That was not fair, and now I am always scared to get up late in the morning.



Aw, this is a cute thing. Specially because I believed in Santa until I was 10 years old (yes, really, I'm not kidding) and she looked so happy about my face opening the presents. Sneaky.

Good Parent 


Is not that a scene from the Luis Miguel TV show? Well, she was a great mother and I loved her. But yeah, it is a problem when you can't remember your kids name. Minimum effort, people



I think I have an answer to this question. You are not rich because you have kids. It is incredible the amount of money it is required in order to raise a kid, like, it is almost insulting.



Aw, this is lovely. I remember I used to organize like fashion shows for my mother and my brother, so they could watch the clothes I was wearing. I also did that when they bought me new clothes.



Like I said before, it is not easy to become a parent. Not easy at all. It is like you can't simply tell them an orden, they won't listen. Sometimes you even wonder if they are deaf or something.

I Got Hungry 


Yeah, they simply cannot wait for you, right? They had to grab the food that will make them sick on their stomach the second you went to the bathroom. It is like they hate you or themselves. Just wait until they can cook you something.

Bend The Knee


This is kind of funny the first few times, because they look like clowns and they laugh at you. But after a while, it stops being funny. And you are running late, but they can't go outside without their clothes on.

Good Morning


Nobody said parenting was easy, you know. Specially when they start going to school, and you have to wake them up in the morning, they do not want to go and the fight begins. Or they remember at 2 in the morning they had an unfinished project

When Your Kids Are Almost Home And You Must Finish Cleaning The House 


It is not like they ask for you to clean the house, because they could not care less about it. But it is really nice when you have the entire house clean and by yourself. But you must hurry.



Once you have kids, you learn the lesson. You did not know what I was like to be tired, until that moment. It is like you haven't slept in your entire life properly. So, if you are single or children free, please, get some sleep. Seize the day



I never got the chance to take advantage of this because I do not have living grandparents. But my nephew used to take advantage of this one, and you could see the smug face he had when my mother defended him. It was lovely



It is not easy to go shopping when you have kids. It is almost impossible, actually. Either they are behaving incorrectly, or they are hitting at each other, or one of them is already crying.



Oh, this is a good one. Specially because it is possible that you did nothing wrong, but they always want to be mad at you for something, right? It is like...what is it gonna be this time? The impossible to notice spot?



Sometimes it feels like they do this on purpose. Like, it is not possible that they cannot understand anything you ask them to do. So I believe they think something like "ok, I'll play dumb, she will get mad and never ask me anything again"



You know, karma exists. And mothers are supposed to be good and nice, but we are not dumb. So, if they tell you to do something, and you won't listen, if you get into trouble for it, they will internally enjoy the outcome. They're Humans after all

Other People's Kids 


Don't you hate when you watch other people's kids and they behave like angels? Just tell me your secret. What did you do? What are they on? I'm kidding. No, I'm not. Tell me.

The Horror 


At first, you want to keep everything today and nice. When you have your second child, things get messy. And after a few years, you don't care about anything else, ever again. You just want to sleep.

Clean and Tidy 


Oh no, they have to wait always until everything is tidy and clean, to eat something and mess everything around them, right? They always get sick at night, too. It is like a special superpower they have, I don't understand.



I do not know how to handle what they are doing or what do they want when everything is going right and simply decide to start a tantrum. I mean, it's because I gave you that name? We can change it. Just eat a cookie, please.



At first, when you have your first kid, you feel like you don't know what to do. Eventually, it gets easier. But hey, then you have a second child. And you must start from scratch. Nobody warns you the second one is harder.



I do not why, but when kids have tantrums during a ride they want to hold your hand. And that is the moment when you know how bad your body can go out of bounds. It is like magic. Except it is not.

Big Spender 


This is the nice part about being a parent. You get to give someone else all the things your parents gave you. And buy nothing for yourself. No, it is not easy to be that generous, but you get used to it.



Another thing nobody tells you. When you become a mother, sometimes you also become the mother of your husband. He is always behaving like a kid, doing nothing. It is even more exhausting than the kids themselves.

Mother Of Dragons 


You know when everything is going terrible, you had the worst day ever, the house is a mess, your husband comes home and is like: hey, how was your day? And you want to kill him. Because he got to be out of the house.



Kids can be a little bit sneaky. Like, you tell them "no" and they hear a "maybe". Or sometimes they even hear a "yeah, do it anyway, just I don't want to hear about it". It is like a free option for them.



I remember when my brother was a kid, my mother used to buy him an annoying amount of presents, and he wanted to play with another thing. Like, kid, are you not looking what is surrounding you? Enjoy while it lasts



This happens a lot when your kid gets a scar or something minor, but you love them so much, and you have the mother instinct to protect them. You do not want your kid crying. So you have an internal and huge breakdown.



Oh, don't you love it when they grab your cellphone with their dirty hands, filled with food, and they decide to break it? Because, you know, they were calling from work and you don't need that, mom. Buy a new one.



When kids are really, really young, it is not that hard to put them somewhere. You just have to make sure they won't fall. But when they start to grow old...it is so annoying. They won't stand still.



I love when kids tell you something like: hey lets go shopping! It is like saying: please mom, spend some money on me, come on! Or when they buy you a present and you paid for it.

Enjoy The Silence 


You know, silence and peace are a bliss...except when you are living with a toddler. If you don't hear anything, then you are in trouble. Or your kid is in trouble, to say the least. Go find him!

Back To School 


You can love your kids very much, but that does not mean you want to spend the whole time with them, trying to survive the day, calming down their tantrums and such. Which is why you love them harder when they go back to school



They are so proud of you, and they love you so much...the only thing mothers want to do is show to the world how cute their kids are. Even when they are not.

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