50 Mom Memes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard It Will Wake Up Your Kids

You know, being a parent is not an easy thing. It is not only a matter of surviving your pregnancy, that is the easy part. Trust me. The worst part is when your child arrives, and you know nothing about raising a kid. They cry at night, they are dirty, your body and time is no longer yours, you want to cry everyday. Eventually it gets easier, but not at first. Oh no. And then, they start school. But the most important part, is to remember that you are still a human being and you deserve a break eventually. So, this is why we made a list of a few memes about the funniest part of being a mom, so you can have a good laughter. And maybe share it with your friends! We hope you like it, and remember, nobody is keeping score about wether you are a good or a bad parent. You are doing your best.

Living The Life 


You know, I do not like this. Fathers are supposed to take care of their children, too. But they always use excuses like "nah, they are better with their mother, they do not like me, I do not understand what they want"



Don't you hate when you see one of those great moms, and they can achieve everything, from being a great parent, keeping the perfect body, not killing their husbands AND cooking perfect? Give me a break

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