Funny Presents From Kids

Kids are all those things that are pure in the world. And they love you so much, that once in a while they decide to make presents for you. So you know, they use the usual things, crayons, food, other things too. Just remember, sometimes they don't know how the world works, or how to be normal. So it is not that unusual when they decide to make you hilarious, terrible, horrible and dreadful presents. Give them a break, they are on a tight budget, it is not like they have money to buy you something nice, like a wallet or clothes. But remember, it is always with all the love from their hearts. This is why we decided to make a list about the 50 most terrible and hilarious presents a kid once decided it was a good idea to give you. We hope you like it and have a good laugh! Enjoy and don't forget to share it with your friends and family.



A pirate's life for me, right? This guy is a teacher and one of his students made this for him. How cute is that? That means he was special for that little kid.



Well, he is telling something really nice to his grandpa. He is happy he is still alive. I mean, it could be worse. Like: hey, at least you are not in the hospital or something! Seize the moment man.



Aw, isn't it lovely when you are a kid and you have your first crush? And your first Valentine's day? I love that. This kid needs a little bit of adjustment when it comes to correct grammar and spelling, but hey, the important thing is the intention



Well, this little one is not lying. Life is not a waterslide though (that would be so much fun) but you know there is a final destination and unless you are Nicholas Flamel or something, that is impossible to dodge.

Toys And Food


This is one of those breakfasts your kids prepare for you when it is your birthday. They paint you a cup or a plate, they try to cook something (impossible to eat in this case) and they even decorate it.

Pretty Girl 


For this Kid, it is all about feeling good and pretty. It does not matter if you look like a piece of shiny paper, I mean, you are still shiny. Right? I love kids, they are so pure.

Special Robot 


I do not know if it is some sort of robot, musician or what that is. But it looks like he out some effort into it. And that is all that matters to me.

When I'm 74 


I do not understand the logic of this, but it seems like this kid wants his father or mother to be a few years older so he can put them into an asylum? Come on Kid, don't do that.



Oh, this one is hilarious. He told this guy he was going to make him a brownie and made a brown E. It is all a matter of meaning and syntaxis. We all make mistakes, understandable.

My Mom 


Well, it does not seem like he is lying. I mean, when you have kids, it is because you are the father or mother of someone. It is simply logic. I don't know if I would put that on a cup, but hey. It is your present.

Hammer Time 


This is a really useful tool. I mean, it is not easy to cut a pizza, sometimes you burn your hand or it gets greasy with the juice from the mozzarella. And he had to go to a store to buy it. Lovely present.



Um, I do not know what to say about this. I know kids sometimes are like huge fans of bugs, but I would be screaming if I got something like that. Just give me a card or something. Don't be like that.

Santa's Elves 


It looks like Santa's little and lovely elf found something special. A rock, maybe a fossil. This one is going to be a scientist some day. Couldn't be more proud of her.



Well, it looks like these kids nowadays are the kings and queens of obvious. But they are right. Red is the colour of someone's blood. At least they know their science.

You Can Do Better


Well, this little guy over here seems like a little disappointed at his mother? Looks like she can do better. But hey, the important thing is that she is trying. Or not.



I'm curious about this present. I mean, what is this? Is a greeting card? Is it a song? Is he asking if do you mind something? How could you know? Maybe it is all of them.



Aw, here we have a future Sabrina witch. And she even cared enough to make a love potion out of candy. How cute is that? I love when kids want to be witches when they grow up.

Work It 


Well, it is not like that, but sometimes being a parent can feel like a job you know. I don't know if it is good that your kid sees you that way, but at least he loves you for it.



Well, nobody told you that your kid won't be an artist someday. Maybe not today. I mean, he has a strange perspective of you and your face. But it seems like the father was happy about it.



Well, this kid is right though. I mean, we are all lucky of being alive. Otherwise, we would be dead. And who wants that? Specially when you can enjoy life with your kids and get these kind of presents.

Colours In The Air 


Thia is another breakfast that I love. I mean, look how yummy and colourful it is. You can eat AND paint at the same time. Maybe you can even paint the food you are eating? It is a great idea.

Hospital! Hey! 


Well, it is cute when you go to the hospital and your kid or little relative makes you a greeting card. Specially if you got your head with something and forget where you are. A simple reminder.



Well, it looks like this little one will become a chef one day. Just not today, because he made a sandwich out of some stuff I'm not sure if they are edible. But hey, the important thing is that he tried.

I Like You 


We all feel like that sometimes, right? As if you would like someone much better if he or she were simply miles away. But that is not possible, and is not fair for the poor mother

An Alien? 


I used to make these little aliens for my mother when I was a kid. And she always kept them always. She never tossed one. And this is what true love means.

Merry Christmas


Thia is a greeting card from a brother to a sister. And it seems like they are not so fond of each other. But hey, they are on some sort of break because it is Christmas. That is all that matters.

Just The Best 


Well, at least they are not trying to sell a lie or like it is the best gift in the world. Just remember these kids are on a budget and sometimes is hard to think about a nice present. Don't forget that.

Best Teacher Ever 


Here we have another grateful kid with his teacher. I do not know if they were paying enough attention during classes because the spelling is not the best, but they will learn eventually.



This seems like a love letter, but really concise. And specially, this kid seems traumatized because his mother is always telling him not to break anything. And he is like passing the philosophy.



Well, he promised sticks. The only thing is, he never promised mozzarella sticks. Or maybe he was hungry and decided to find a replacement. I'm not judging, we've all been there.

Just Kidding


Can you imagine the Horror if your little kid decided to run away and let you know like that? Tell me about having a stroke or a heart attack. Don't do that kids. Or make it funny like this one.

Best Day Ever 


Aww, I love the pure state of love kids can experience when they are so little. How come we become such terrible human beings? Do you remember the last time you made someone a card? I don't.

Just Relax 


Well, it seems like this kid is trying to make his mother less stressed about something. Maybe he is watching her work all day and is worried about her. Which is wonderful. And glitter makes everything better.



Aww, look how lovely that is. It is like this little one made his father or mother (I can't tell precisely which one) with the appearance of an Angel? This is awesome. We should share love the same way.

Punch Her 


This is what I like to call pure and though love. I was like that too when I was a kid. And I was so jealous of my mom. Nobody could touch her.



Well, where is the lie though? I mean, being a parent sometimes it means being able to push them to their goals and let them exist by themselves. So this kid is absolutely right.



It seems like this mother is doing her job the right way. She is keeping his kid alive, feeding him, and he is so grateful he decided to congratulate her for that.



Oh my gosh. This one is so funny but so real. Like, they are always trying to make you feel like you are a rockstar or something, but the truth is we are not specifical at all. Unless you are an actual rock star.



I mean, who knows how much the cow loves his mother. Maybe the cow is so fond of her, this little one decided it was time to tell her she is even more loved by him



Oh my God, This one is so dark and wild. At first it seems like a cool and lovely card, but then it gets messy. That kid maybe needs a lesson and learn how to be less honest.



Here we have another case of an honest child, but at least it is a little more funny an bearable to read. I mean, you do not have to be handsome in order to be loved. That is important.

You Go Girl! 


This one seems like my inner child, telling me each year that goes by that I haven't achieved anything yet in life. Or maybe this is a card from a little sister. Oh, you'll grow up eventually.

Avada Kedavra


This kid is a badass. I mean, he is old enough to draw properly and the first drawing he makes is Harry Potter related? I love it. I don't care about the message itself.



Here we have a vegan hater. I mean, it can't be easy to give up meat and all that stuff, of course this little one is going to be worried about you. Although, there is yummy vegan food nowadays.



I love the fact that the plane is launching almost out of the ocean, I mean, there is a shark over there, right? He knows how to draw a war scenario.

Get Out 


This seems like a farewell present. Like, I don't know if it is that cool to receive This greeting card. But at least he is being honest, and a little creepy too.



Seriously mom, why don't you let this little kid have dessert? That is not cool. In fact, he is so upset, you got it into the greeting card. Be cool, come on

Good Luck 


This seems like it's been written by an older kid, which makes it even funnier. She is telling her mom tons of nice things, but the only message I get it: you scare everyone, please.

Give Me Money 


I love when an older relative or the father writes something nice, and then the they tell the kid: hey, draw something nice for your mom. And this is the outcome.

Really, Really, Really 


Ok kid, make up your mind for once. You love her? You don't? What is the deal with you? It seems like you do, but just to make it clear, don't send mixed messages like that.

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