Funny Presents From Kids

Kids are all those things that are pure in the world. And they love you so much, that once in a while they decide to make presents for you. So you know, they use the usual things, crayons, food, other things too. Just remember, sometimes they don't know how the world works, or how to be normal. So it is not that unusual when they decide to make you hilarious, terrible, horrible and dreadful presents. Give them a break, they are on a tight budget, it is not like they have money to buy you something nice, like a wallet or clothes. But remember, it is always with all the love from their hearts. This is why we decided to make a list about the 50 most terrible and hilarious presents a kid once decided it was a good idea to give you. We hope you like it and have a good laugh! Enjoy and don't forget to share it with your friends and family.



Aw, isn't it lovely when you are a kid and you have your first crush? And your first Valentine's day? I love that. This kid needs a little bit of adjustment when it comes to correct grammar and spelling, but hey, the important thing is the intention



Well, this little one is not lying. Life is not a waterslide though (that would be so much fun) but you know there is a final destination and unless you are Nicholas Flamel or something, that is impossible to dodge.

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