50 Times Wendy's won Twitter

It's January again, and that means only one thing: It's National Roast Day! For a few years, Wendy's have dedicated this day to roast and drag everyone that wants to be roasted and dragged, and a few that don't want it at all (I'm sorry, McDonald's). The restaurant has one of the funniest Twitter accounts ever, and we are going to show you the best comebacks and puns that they've come up with. If you want to be Wendy's victim we can't stop you, but be careful, because everything you say and do can be used against you.

A Winter's Tale


I love when brands roast each other on social media. In this case, we don't know what Hooters responded, but they most definitely got some cold feet. Or at least their employees do.

Not Odie!


Even the kings of roasting have a limit. How can you expect them to roast such a heavenly creature? Look at those eyes, he doesn't want to be roasted, why don't we roast you instead?

Where is it?


Boom! That was funny! It takes a lot of self esteem to do something like this, and it takes a lot of wittiness to deliver such an incredible comeback.

Not A Fan


Look, Daniel, Wendy's doesn't care much about your opinion. I mean, they are a world famous restaurant and you've been roasted like a champion.

Final Destination


Yes, we know that Final Destination is kind of a classic movie, but if you are a one hit wonder that's known only for only one role, you should be quiet, or Wendy's might drag you. And kill you.



Even the kings of roasting can't roast Doug. I don't blame them, if I had to roast such an incredible dog, I would quit my job and move to a desert island to cry out loud.

Google Him


See? Don't come after Wendy's if you don't want Wendy's to come after you. I don't know who Jaymes is, but I googled and there's a lot, I mean A LOT of shirtless pictures.

Black Friday


Well, this is something that happens. And when I say "something" I mean the ice cream machine being broken and the mistake with the tweet. I'm 99% sure that someone was terrified of losing his job in both cases.

A Teenager


I know it isn't true, but working not only managing the account of Wendy's but also being able to roast everybody must be the dream job of every teenager on Earth.



I don't know who prefers Butterfingers, but I'm not that person. And it seems that Wendy's is not one of them either, because they love to trade Butterfingers for something better, just like the rest of us.



There's something that Wendy's hate more than Butterfingers and that's McDonald's. I mean, they actually hate them. I don't know which side I'm taking this time, but we can't deny that Wendy's is clever as hell.

Poor Luis


Not all of us can have a Twitter account with more than one million followers. Most of us can't. But we still love when a famous profile drags someone for his followers' number.



You need to think it twice before pretending to drag Wendy's. Because they are experts at doing it, and there's no way you can come out of this alive.

They have a point


We are so used to round hamburgers that sometimes we don't notice that it is not natural at all. Square burgers are not natural either, but you can't say they are not incredibly delicious.

The Bald and The Furious


Making fun of a bald guy must be one of Twitter's favorite thing. I'm not really into that, but I can't say I'm not laughing my heart out with this response.

You Roasted Yourself


If that's God's gift to women I don't wanna think about the gift of the Devil. Hey, Brock, be nicer to yourself and take that costume off. Your potential future children will thank you.

Trail Mix


There's an outcast in every mix. That something that is not that likable, and you always keep grabbing and leaving in the bag. If you are one of those things (and you know it), don't say a word, unless you want Wendy's to come after you.



I'm pretty sure that boy wasn't even born in 1997, so I don't know if he got the reference. But it was a funny comeback, though. I don't know if he laughed, but we definitely did.



In case you are not familiar with Bronycon, they are a Convention of fans of... wait for it... My Little Pony. Actual grown-ups that dress up like ponies and get together in an actual convention. What's worse than that?

We Are a Restaurant


There must be a name for this condition. "Restaurantphilic", maybe. Why would you ask a restaurant something like this? What do you expect? Free burgers for life? Oh, wait. That's not that bad. Hey, Wendy, would you be my wife?



You shouldn't be playing a child's game and even have it as a profile picture if you are an adult and you ask Wendy's to roast you. I mean, you made it so easy for them.

Edible Food


Five is better than Four and edible is better than crap. Burger King is the other thing Wendy's hate more than people that want to play smart.

Tom Hanks


Spalding is not Wilson but I'm pretty sure Wendy's already know that and the mix-up is part of the whole roasting thing.



I don't know if this is something they teach you in business school, but they should. I mean, Wendy's doesn't even try to be gentle with the competitors, they roast them and call them trash.


Why would you even upload a flex pic without showing your bicep? Isn't it the whole point of it? There must be something really wrong with that arm. Maybe it doesn't exist at all.

Job Requirements


This was exactly what I was asking myself. This must be the perfect job, but you really need to know every goddamned burger restaurant in the world and be extremely patient.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things


I don't agree with Wendy's here. I understand that they hate McDonald's, but you can't say that those burgers, those fries, and nuggets aren't delicious. The exit door is pretty too, though.

The Bet


Why would you want Wendy's to follow you on Twitter? I don't know. What I do know is that Wendy's dragged you and roasted you. You won't be crying for followers anytime soon.

Wendy's Drag Race


That's harsh, Wendy's! Harsh but extremely accurate. That is not what I call a natural look, girl! Jeffree Star must be proud of you.

International House Of Roasting


IHoP changed its name for a little while to IHoB as a publicity stunt to promote that they are selling burgers now. People wanted Wendy's view on this and well, they didn't disappoint.

Dump Her


There's nothing weirder than taking couples advice from a burger's restaurant, but well, you asked for it. I would consider dumping her as well, but that's on you.

Burger Babies


There's more than one person on earth that wants Wendy's babies. I don't know what to think, should we call the police?

New Friends


I don't know if I can be friends with someone who likes McDonald's, but I don't know if I can be friends with someone who likes Wendy's either. Let's go eat real food.

Being The First


Not everyone appreciates a witty comeback. Even when Wendy's is completely right, Hardee's blocked them. I'm sure that's the first thing you shouldn't do when managing a social media account.

Regret Road


Those are not the directions you are going when reading awesome Wendy's comebacks. They don't disappoint, and you definitely not regret it. Going to McDonald's, though...

Who Needs Boys?


Fries are better than guys for sure. Fries don't speak when watching a movie, they don't complaint and they are cheaper and definitely more delicious.



You know nothing, Jorge Snow. Wendy's is not only going to roast you, they are going to roast you well. You may not be famous, but you look like two famous singers.

Bad Decisions


Of course not. Her most recent bad decision was asking Wendy's to drag her. She got burned and we hope she decides to take that thing off her nose.



Wendy's isn't exactly the best at small talk. And people is not exactly the best at understanding that Wendy's is a restaurant and not a real person.


Well, this is funny. But manly because I can't laugh at someone who doesn't exercise because the last time I've been to a gym was playing Pokémon on my Gameboy.



You should double check your profile pic, your name, your family name, your address, the dress your grandma is wearing, what your mom listens on Spotify and what your dad reads before coming after Wendy's, because they know where to look.



McDonald's Ice Cream machine breaks a lot. Everyone of them. It's like they are ready to break every single day. There's always someone fixing them. I'm pretty sure they are hiding something.


So much hate isn't good, Wendy's, but it is funny as hell. I wonder what McDonald's think of this. Are they waiting for the right moment to say something? You know what they say about revenge.



Yes, you should move just because there's not a mainstream burger restaurant around you. Don't even try to make burgers yourself or even eating them somewhere else, that's like a sin.

Get That Job


I'm sure this was exactly what you were wondering. Who wouldn't want that job? Do they have free burgers? If they have free burgers and they can roast people everyday there's no better job on earth.



Wendy's know that they are the kings of Internet and every king of Internet has its own meme.

Ask McDonald's


Again, why would you ask this to a fast food twitter account? Just ask your mother, your therapist. Or McDonald's. They sure know some good relationship advice.



If you are looking for healthy food this is not the place. But if you are looking for trash, delicious food, you came to the right spot. Sit down and eat all these calories.



Since Wendy's is obsessed with McDonald's frozen beef, I wonder if they made a pun when the movie Frozen came out. It's time to let it go, Wendy.

Naughty Boy


I don't know what Sam did, but receiving Burger King gift cards for Christmas must be the worst present ever. How many Whoopers can a person get?

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