Architects That Were Definitely Drunk While Doing Their Job

Having a degree and a license is not a guarantee. There are incredible architects and designers that do things that more than buildings are art. But there are others that suck. Those are the ones that we love, of course, because we can make a little fun of the ugly and stupid things they do.

We gathered fifty photos of works made by architects and designers that were definitely drunk while doing their job, on one side to have a few laughs and on the other side to warn you. Take care the next time you hire an architect or a designer and make them pass an alcohol test first.





In some places being handicap is a extreme sport. I have so many questions, but the main ones are: How am I supposed to go up that ramp? And why is that plant in the way?





This guy must hate small people so much! In fact, he must hate all kinds of people, because there's no one in this world that can use that ATM properly.



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