Awesome Camping Tricks

Going camping can be an excellent way to escape from the routine and the busy everyday life. You might camp near the mountains, or by a lake, or in the woods, but you sure will rest from work, social media, phone calls and obligations, and you'll relax by becoming one with nature.

With this camping hacks, you'll realize that camping is way easier than it was before, you will find great tricks for saving space, easy cooking, essential items to carry, and awesome DIY for a great experience hanging out with Mother nature! Here are the best 50 camping hacks that will make your trip unforgettable!

Tape for hiking


If you are going camping, hiking is kind of an unavoidable activity. But you don't wanna get lost, so you need to carry colored tape and mark the trail for reference.

Scavenger hunt


Kids might want something fun to do now that the PlayStation and tables are out of reach. A scavenger hunt might be a great way to keep kids (and adults too, why not?) busy.


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