The Best Marvel Comics’ Movies

If you are team Marvel you should definitely read this article! Superheroes' movies are breaking records every day and being even better and better. Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, you know them all, and here's the list of the best 50 movies based on a Marvel comic.

Stan-lee is such a legend, he wrote and draw over 32000 comic books and stories, and he earned the right to appear in every Marvel movie as a cameo. Please enjoy our selection and ranking of films that will make you want to save the world, fight some bad guys and sometimes dance a little.



Red Sonja (1985)


This one is an oldie. Red Sonja was one of the first superheroines from the Marvel Comics Universe. It was directed by Richard Fleischer and is about a female warrior who teams up with a bratty prince, an oafish bodyguard, and a guy played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.



The Fantastic Four (1994)


We all know and love the fantastic four. This 1994 version is just outstanding as it's the first live-action Fantastic Four movie. It's so cheesy that it brings charm and fun to the superhero scene.



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