Breakfasts To Eat Around The World

They say breakfast Is the most important meal of the day, since it is the first bite of food you have after sleeping several hours, and that is why is so important to always eat in the morning before you leave for school or work. It must contain all the necessary ingredients the body needs, and of course, it is a lovely thing to do in the morning.

Of course, there are many types of breakfasts as there are countries and cultures around the globe, and each one of them is designed for the place and climate they live in. For example, it is pretty obvious that in Brazil they must have fruits because of the weather, but in Iceland breakfast must keep you warm. Enjoy!



Breakfast van de Netherlands


It's commonly served with apple pancakes with are a rich combination of sweet and salty, they are accompanied with a dark syrup called 'stroop'. These pancakes are thinner than the Americans



Polish Breakfast


Known as Jajecznica, this breakfast consists of scrambled eggs with slices of custom-made kielbasa and joined by two potato pancakes. It sounds amazing but those names are pretty scary



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