Funny Reasons Why Cats are Awesome

Take five minutes off work and indulge in your favorite thing in the world: looking at pictures of cats on the internet! King of the universe, these creatures are so sure they're the cutest, coolest pet ever (sorry dogs!) they take advantage of this to get away with everything! Do you want to wash your hands? Your cat believes he owns the sink!

You want to get rid of those boxes after you're done moving? Nop, the cat believes they're his, and he just loves them. Do you want to take a shower, read a book, use the computer? Try some other time, your cat has different plans for you. But we love our cats so much we follow them all day trying to take a picture of them doing all these funny things. Here are 50 great examples of why cats are the most awesome pets on earth. Enjoy and share!



Look At Your Life! Look At Your Choices!


This cat looks like a lot of things, but 'happy' is not a word we'd use to describe him. We don't know exactly what his owner did, but we know it's got to be bad if their pet is all but asking them to reconsider their life and choices.



Oh My God!


If you ever wonder what a happy surprise makes people (and pets) feel, just remember the look this cat's got on his face. We bet his owner just told them they're getting a big can of tuna for dinner.



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