Haunted Places to Visit Around the World

Do you love a good ghost story? Then this list is for you. We take Halloween season very seriously so we gathered the fifty most haunted places around the world. From murder houses to hospitals and entire islands, these are the scariest places you will ever see.

If you consider yourself a brave person, this houses will make you think twice before even putting a feet in them. I got chills even by looking at them. Now is your turn, take a deep breath and open the door of these fifty places. I bet you can't spend a night in one of these haunted houses. Prepare yourself for Halloween and take a look at the most haunted places in the world.





This victorian house in Connecticut it's believed to be the house of the "Faceless people". No one evers dare to enter this old house, and sometimes, you can see a light in one window, that belongs to the old man (who is usually seen) and that is said to be the guardian of the faceless.







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