Haunted Places to Visit Around the World

Do you love a good ghost story? Then this list is for you. We take Halloween season very seriously so we gathered the fifty most haunted places around the world. From murder houses to hospitals and entire islands, these are the scariest places you will ever see.

If you consider yourself a brave person, this houses will make you think twice before even putting a feet in them. I got chills even by looking at them. Now is your turn, take a deep breath and open the door of these fifty places. I bet you can't spend a night in one of these haunted houses. Prepare yourself for Halloween and take a look at the most haunted places in the world.





This house was a brothel in the 40's. Then it was abandoned and a few years later the neighbors heard screams from inside the house. When the police arrived, they found dead bodies from several decades before marked with strange symbols. No one wants to enter since then.





This place is haunted. Very haunted. It is so haunted that authorities don't allow you to enter Bhangarh Fort at night. It is said to be haunted by an ancient magician who cursed the city after being dumped by his lover. People who visit this place feel a deep sadness and anxiety while inside.



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