Unexpected Ways You Can Help the Environment Right Now

Being eco friendly sounds too hard. You may think that you need to change too many things about your life and you are comfortable living this way. But what would you tell me if I say that you can be an ecologist with a few simple acts at your home? It only takes a few seconds to think about how much we are hurting our world with our daily actions.

The small things make the difference, and a simple thing you can do at home will help to save the world, that is our house, and we can't replace it. We gathered 50 advices that will help you to star being a little more responsible with our planet. Take a look!





Start by changing all the lightbulbs in your house with Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL). You won't see any difference in terms of lightning but they save over 65% more energy.





Also, for every regular light bulb you replace with a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb, you will be saving 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emission. Do you need any more reasons?



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