You'll Never Look At These Old Paintings The Same Way Again

Do you like going to museums or seeing pictures of paintings from different time periods? If the answer is yes, then we are sure you must have thought 'whatever were they thinking when they were working on this', even if only a couple of times. Wouldn't you like to know what inspired Velázquez to paint an old woman frying eggs? Some paintings just crack us up, even if we objectively know they're masterpieces.

We just can't take them seriously because, sorry. And have you ever imagined what was on the minds of the characters the artists portrayed? We' would definitely love to know what the Gioconda was thinking when she posed for da Vinci! There's no way we can find out, but we can always have fun guessing. Here we have 50 great paintings and our idea of what those immortalized there and/or the painter could have been thinking.



You Told Me You Hated That Crown


"When I asked you if that crown looked good on me, you told me you hated that crown. Now you went and bought it first. I can't believe you would do that to me! You're supposed to be my BFF! I can't even look at you right now"



Do You Have A Minute To Talk About The Underworld?


"Excuse me, miss. Do you have a minute to talk about the underworld? Can I interest you in a shared time near the sea of lost souls? Here, let me give you some brochures? Thank you for your time, miss. Hope to see you soon down there vacationing with us!"



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