People Hilariously Bent The Rules

One could never say that rules are useless. In a society, they help us maintain an order and also do the basic tasks that life requires. They are instructions that state how something should be done. All in all, it can be said that rules are one of the prime factors for which we can say that we live in a civilized society. But how about the old saying that goes 'rules were made to be broken'?

Because while breaking the rules is not something one could advise, there certainly a few times were the bending of said rules was really necessary. Not always do these regulations have the best interest of the people in mind, and for those cases, we need people who are willing to stand up and take a stance. Here are fifty times people did so hilariously.




When these kids from the UK weren't allowed to wear shorts despite the hot weather because it was not part of the 'uniform', they showed the school how ironic it was that skirts were allowed.




Peanuts And Water

Most of the times, festivals will go to great lengths to ensure that they end up with the biggest profit possible. But this store had the best response to their insane (and dangerous) rule.




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