Drunk People

People usually have trouble controlling the amount of alcohol they drink. If there's a big party or a great gathering of friends, or maybe something to celebrate, they tend to lose the track regarding the number of beers they're having. Being clear about the health issues alcoholism might cause, there's a bright side of those cases where a group of people can't stop drinking over a night.

Many times, those situations end up with funny viral videos that you can watch on youtube and Instagram, and some other times it's all settled with a hilarious picture. Here's a list full of people that couldn't stop at the right time.



They couldn’t have drunk all that

you can be funny

This looks like the work of a specialist in Photoshop. It's impossible for such a small group of people to drink all that beer cans. In fact, it's too tidy for a drunken scene.



He is listening to the Earth

lol wot

Oh, you might be thinking in the wrong way. This is not what you are assuming. This guy just decided it was time to pay attention to what environmentalists have to say and listen to the Earth.



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