10+ forced perspective is magical and you can try it too

Forced perspective manipulates the way you see things. With some techniques and playing with optical illusions, you can make things look bigger, smaller, more horizontal, more vertical, more dangerous or even alive. Filmmakers, photographers and artists in general have been using this for decades and I'm sure you did it too, without even thinking. It's a good way to impress your social media friends and fans, and here you have a few ideas that are as easy as standing apart or as difficult as finding the exact place and the exact time. Grab your camera and prepare to learn 50 photos that prove that perspective is magical and you can try it too. Sometimes things are not the way you see them. Take a look at these pictures that prove that perspective is magical.





This magic doesn't take much: Just a bottle of water, a desert landscape, a camera and lots of cleverness. He looks like he is swimming in this bottle in the middle of nothing.





The world is tilted aside in this incredible photo. Grab what's nearby, this looks dangerous! When you see it for the first time, you don't realize that they are simply lying on the floor.



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