Really Impressive And Unsettling Photos.

Photography is an art and unsettling people is an art as well. When they meet they can be a killer combo that can shock you and fascinate you at the same time. Internet is full of awkward, unsettling, bizarre photos, but you won't find any like these fifty we gathered.

We went to the confines of the web to find these incredible (and very real) pictures so you can scroll and scream. There's no need to thank us. We gathered 50 of the most bizarre and awkward photos. Take a look at them… At your own risk.



An abandoned hornet's nest that this guy found in his shed after a couple of years on abandonment. He says that the head is part of a wooden statue it fused with but we know that is begging for help.

You are never alone


Imagine having an audience everytime you go to the bathroom. Maybe you should learn to sing or something to entertain them. Next thing you know your are selling tickets for Bathroom shows.

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