Redneck Improvements That Will Make You Nervous

Hey, not everyone has the time, money, and talent to make improvements in their homes and things just like the ones you see on TV. Some people only have their imagination and a few items to come up with a clever solution to some daily problems. That's what this article is about. You are about to see some inventions we catalog as redneck because they were meant to solve some every day issued without no other resources than two hands, a household item and a (Clever?) brain. Take a look, learn, and laugh, because that's why we are here for.




I don't know if this is a new style of helmet or the next season of The Handmaid's Tale, but whatever it is, it is extremely dangerous.



A Shower

I'm pretty sure you've been in this situation before: Something breaks and you go all over the house looking for anything to replace it. And sometimes what you find to replace it is not the fanciest thing in the world.



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