10+ terrible haircuts that will make you laugh

At least once in your life you went to the hairdresser, you told them "just an inch" and he ended up butchering your hair. It happens even in the best families. But this selection of haircuts goes beyond that. These were haircuts that the people actually chose to have on themselves, and I do not even believe they went to the hairdresser to do it.

A respectable one would have told them to pick a different look. So, next time you think your hair looks terrible, think about it again. It could be worse…much worse. We hope you enjoy it and have a good laugh!



Wrapping your head


It seems like this guy has one of those hats with strings, minus the hat. I am trying to understand the reason for this look but it is impossible to explain. He even had to grow a beard, and shave the rest of it.





Ok. So this guy thought "What is the worst way that I can cut my hair AND my mustache? I know!" And he did it. Or maybe he lost a bet. That mustache is too thick for his face.



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